Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maniac Magee
Review by Laura
At first glance most people would walk right by this book. The title of this book wouldn’t catch the eye of anyone, but two kinds of people. Those two types of people are librarians and future scientists. The very plain cover (except for the Newbery Medal), says, I accidentally took a bad picture. But, this is only at first glance. A person that was truly interested in books would look farther into the book. What is really the interesting and attention drawing part of this book is the back cover. One of the comments on the back cover says, “Writing that bursts with creativity, enthusiasm, and hope for the future; in short it’s a celebration of life.”

If you like reading fiction, science-fiction, adventure and/or tragic books with a touch of action, mystery, and romance without the vampires, I would definitely say that this book is for you. I have recommended this book to many people. What would you say about this book?

Three year old Maniac Magee was an ordinary kid. He lived in a house and had a mom and dad. But not for long, have you ever heard of the famous P and W trolley crash? If not, you will learn about it in this book. How could you survive on your own at the mere age of eight? How would you deal with a town divided in two by race? Maniac had all of these questions bouncing around in his young head. His answers are shocking to everyone, including himself. What will he decide?

Maniac, he was insulted and adored by this name. Maniac Magee, this was the name known by everyone in the town of Bridgepoint, to the small town of Two Mills, over the Schuylkill, one-hundred miles on foot, running the whole way went Maniac Magee. He ran all the way to a segregated town, divided in two by color and race.

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