Monday, November 7, 2011

Magic Tree House Series

review by Caitee, 8th grade
There is a series of some 50 books, entitled the Magic Tree House and Merlin Missions, written by Mary Pope Osborne. Out of all the books, my favorite is book #32, The Winter of the Ice Wizard. In this book, Merlin has a mission for Jack and Anne(and their friends Teddy and Kathleen). Jack and Anne have to retrieve the Ice Wizard's missing eyeball. This book happens to be extremely adventurous. They run into danger,have to make some hard decisions, and in the beginning, they don't know(or have much of a clue) where to find the eye; except to go to the Norns. The 3 Norns weave lifes of people(such as the Ice Wizard, in the book) into trapystres. Jack, Anne, Teddy, and Kathleen have to some how get the Norns to reveal where the eye is hidden. This book, along with the series, is extremely magical. Though it is magical, it also teaches us lessons, such as loyalty, being truthful, and many more lessons that you will have to read and find. I enjoy reading this book series, even though i am "old". Right now, I am on book 29, I have been looking for this book for some number of years (literally). My mom just found book 29, I cannot wait to read it, and finish the series.

Click here to see if The Winter of the Ice Wizard is available or to reserve it.
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